Why “All Hands Art?”

my first official business card

Subtitle: HandyGal, it was great being you. I’ve been “HandyGal” since 2008 when I left the daily world of teaching school to start my own little micro-company. I identify with HandyGal, as I enjoy variety in my work life, and take pride in knowing—or figuring out—how to do lots of practical things. And some impractical, oddball things, [Read more…]

All Hands Art Meets Her Maker(s)

All Hands Art leads mosaic  mural-making at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire

Whew! Yesterday was a whirlwind of mosaic mural-making activity. All Hands Art (i.e. me and my 16 year-old daughter Natalie) participated in the East Bay Mini Maker Faire as exhibitors for the first time. With a walk-up crew of, oh I don’t know… maybe 120 different faire-goers-turned-mosaic-artists, we completed 15 square feet of mosaic in [Read more…]